We owe a big "thank you" to Kathy at Complete Aquatic.  She is an amazing instructor who makes learning to swim a wonderful experience. Our two children are now great swimmers who can't get enough of the pool!  We couldn't be happier and will highly recommend this program to everyone.

Jodi Jaffe, Weston, Florida

As an adult who needed to pass a water skills test, I could not have found a better instructor.  In just under 4 weeks, I went from a novice to an above average and competent swimmer. I have referred 3 co-workers and all have thanked me.  Kathy knows her stuff and is a great motivator.

Jim Schaefer, Plantation, Florida

My son was born with a rare and severe birth defect which has had a major impact on his physical capabilities. I honestly did not believe it possible that he could ever learn to swim. It was recommended to me by two local swim coaches that I contact Kathy Judin, that if it were possible, she would be the one. To my amazement Kathy and David developed their own system of underwater signals and the progress was slow but steady. Kathy earned his trust and instilled so much confidence in him. My wife broke down in tears at the sight of our son swimming confidently on his own. It's now the only form of physical activity that he can manage on his own and he loves it. He is thriving. We are forever grateful!

Rob Reynolds, Davie, Florida

My husband and I were pleasantly surprised by the fantastic swim lesson experience we had with our oldest child.  After speaking with them for just a few minutes, we could tell that this would be the only phone call we needed to make.  Our son is very shy, but from day one was made to feel very relaxed and confident.  Kathy really went out of her way to put him at ease. He bragged to us after every lesson about his new skills and loved every minute of his lessons!  The transformation from frightened in the water to a complete fish is truly amazing.

Emma Kelly, Ft Lauderdale, Florida

We have used Complete Aquatic swim lessons for all three of our children and have never been disappointed. They get the job done, quickly and thoroughly and with true professionalism.  Our children were sad to end their lessons, as they had become quite attached to Miss Danielle and her gentle disposition.
Mindy and Pete Corbett, Naples, Florida
I am so impressed with the knowledge and expertise of Kathy of Complete Aquatic Instruction. She makes it look so easy!  We tried for two months to get our son to put his face in the water. Kathy had him swimming across the pool in three lessons. We have listened to her advice and have even called her after lessons were over with question after question.  She is the best!

Susie Diaz, Estero, Florida

My five year old has been taking lessons all her life on and off until we found Miss Kathy. She made more progress in one week than she had made in all of her other lessons combined.  She had fun and looked forward to every session. These lessons are worth every penny!

Jennie Palau, Naples, Florida

Finding this company was truly a blessing! I had a lot of anxiety over the fact that my four year old could not swim - had no interest in learning whatsoever.  Having a pool and living right near a canal, I realized my child was in danger of drowning. Kathy and her amazing patience (with both my son and ME) was just what we needed.  I tell everyone I know that this was by far the best money I've ever spent.

Nicole, Bonita Springs, Florida