Baby & Me Classes

(Ages 9 month to 2 yrs)

Designed for baby and an adult. These lessons combines GENTLE water adaptation methods along with developmental learning techniques to make a positive first water experience. You and your baby together will learn water safety and methods to have your baby get a true 'feel' of functioning in the water, including their first floating and submersion.  This is a wonderful bonding experience that will introduce buoyancy and breath control.


Private Lessons

Instruction in a private home or community pool with a minimum of distractions. One on One learning that is customized to the needs and preferences of the individual student. The quickest and usually most cost effective way to achieve desired results. Any skill level can benefit from private lessons.

Semi-private Lessons

Also taught in a private setting, but with two students and one instructor.  The two students should be at comparable skill levels and roughly the same age. Our instructor will determine skill level compatibility.  Students share the cost of the private 30 minute session.

Stroke Development

Lessons for the child or adult who is already comfortable in the water and wants to learn proper technique and the four competitive strokes.  These classes can be private or semi-private.


Adult Lessons

Adult classes are also offered for swimmers of all levels—from fearful non-swimmers, to those who wish to learn the four competitive strokes. Our instructors work closely with each student to reach their individual goals. These lessons are taught privately through individual instruction.